ISDB-T7800 Car ISDB-T Full One Seg Mini B-cas card for Japan With Four Tuner Four antenna


ISDB-T7800 Car ISDB-T Full One Seg Mini B-cas card for Japan With Four Tuner

Full 1080p receiver



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Car ISDB-T Full One Seg

Four tuner / Four antenna

Mini B-cas card for Japan

*3X video/audio output HDMI

4 x 4車載用 地上デジタルTVチューナー Full 1080p receiver





1. Input frequency: 174-806MHz

2. Input level:0~-76dBm

3. Bandwidth:6MHz

4. Guard Interval:auto (1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32)

5. FEC:Auto(1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 )

6. Input resistance : 50Ω

7. Demodulating mode : Auto

(QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM )

8. Resolution : 480i,576i,480p,576p,1080i,720p,1080p

9. Video format: 4:3 / 16:9

10 . Decoding mode : MPEG-2 MP@HL/ML;H.264 /AVC:MP@L4.0,3.2,HP


11 . Audio Modulation: 100 Levels Volume Modulating

12. Audio output: Single Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo Full 1080p receiver

13. Decoding mode: MPEG-1/2 L1/2、MPEG4 AAC、MPEG4 HE-AAC、DD、DD 、MP3、WMA

14. Power Supply : 12~24V Full 1080p receiver

15. power Consumption : 12W; Stand By: Follow the Janpan Standard





1. Four tunner, Four antenna, support fast-speed moving TV reception

2. Support Janpan B-CAS; BCAS (; Support prepay TV

3. Support ISDB-T full seg and One seg; autoswitch and all TV programs in TV List

4. Support Japanese English OSD menu

5. 3X Video Stereo output for more screens

6. Support AUX AV input

7. 4 x 4車載用 地上デジタルTVチューナー

8. 8v~28v power supply;

9. 4Meter IR extended cable for remote control

10. Humanistic user interface;

11. Weekly EPG

12. Sub-title/Caption on / off

13. Channels searched manually, automatically

14. Software upgrade via TF card / Mini USB

15. Power off memory



Jack optional


1. One Indicator light


3. 3 x RCA(CVBS) video / stereo output

4. 1 x IR Port (IR extended cable)

5. 1 x Power Jack

6. 1 x TF card slot

7. Mini B-CAS Slot



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Product Name:


Size per carton:


Single weight:

1.3 (kgs)

Quantity per carton:

10 (pcs)

Weight per carton:


Single size:




Full 1080p receiver

four tuner tv

Full 1080p receiver

1080p full hd receiver

Full 1080p receiver


Full 1080p receiver


Full 1080p receiver

Car Full One Seg Mini B-cas card for Japan








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